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We sure didn’t learn about any of this in high school, so how the hell are we supposed to live as thriving adults? Join us on How to: Adult, as we interview a different guest each week on topics ranging from money to mental health to managing your career and try to figure out how to ‘hack our lives’ as grown-ups. Learn how to build healthy relationships, take control of your finances, and maybe even…love your life?! Hosted by Real Adulting’s CEO and self-appointed Nacho Superfan, Brittany Clough (she/her), this podcast is for the folks who haven’t quite got their shit together yet but are ready to learn how.

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4 days ago

Join us today for an extremely special episode of How To: Adult. March 20th is a significant day for several reasons: it’s the first day of spring, it’s International Day of Happiness and it’s also Real Adulting CEO and How To: Adult host’s birthday! Join Brittany and our temporary host Janelle, as the two reflect on another turn around the sun, share the joys of getting older, and reveal some wisdom around growing up and coming into your own. 
Happy Birthday, Brittany!!

Monday Feb 20, 2023

Today on How to: Adult, we're talking all about social media. What do we do to create a healthy relationship with it? How do we stop endlessly scrolling on Twitter, Instagram or any other app? Today, we have Chloë Grande, a communications specialist turned eating disorder recovery writer and speaker joining us to explore how we can be authentic and intentional with our social media habits. Let's improve our relationship with social media!

How to: Recover from Burnout

Monday Feb 06, 2023

Monday Feb 06, 2023

Today on How To: Adult, we’re diving right back in to the depths of Burnout. We know what it is and how to prevent it, but what can we do to recover from it? We're welcoming back Dr Ashley Margeson, a Naturopathic Doctor and co-founder of Burnout Blueprint. Today Brittany and Dr Ashley explore the difficulties of burnout recovery and how we can use the four cornerstones of sleep, fuel, movement and boundaries to help recover from it. From fulfilling our needs to taking back our sleep, lets figure out what you can do to help yourself and others recover from burnout.

Monday Jan 23, 2023

In today’s episode of How To: Adult, we’re learning about how to thrive in our careers in our 20s. Life can be overwhelming early on in our careers! There’s pressure to choose a path and stick to it, be in a constant growth mindset, make huge sacrifices, the list is endless. So what does it really mean to thrive in our careers early on? Our guest today is Megan Kormendy, and she and Brittany take today to talk about balance, the difference between disliking your job and having a bad month, and the importance of working at a job you love. Let’s find out how to thrive in our careers! 

Monday Jan 09, 2023

This week on How To: Adult, we dive into the world of Burnout. What it is, how to properly identify it, and the steps we can take to minimize and prevent it. Joining Brittany is Naturopathic Doctor, Dr Ashley Margeson, and she takes Brittany through an in-depth exploration of burnout. The two talk about emotional withdrawals and deposits, what happens when you’re in overdraft, four consistent deposits you should be making to prevent burnout, and when burnout can actually be useful (hint: it’s during a growth phase!). Let’s chat about all things burnout. 

Monday Jan 02, 2023

Today on How To: Adult, we’re chatting about productivity guilt. What it is, how it affects us, and how prevalent it is in today’s society. Joining us is Nancy McNicoll, a curious and experimental guest with a bachelor's in behavioural psychology and a masters in counseling, and they explain to Brittany how to identify Productivity Guilt within ourselves, the benefits of productive rest, and how to set a daily routine that works best for you. Let’s stop feeling guilty and use our time and energy in productive ways! 

Monday Dec 26, 2022

As the New Year fast approaches, we want to take this opportunity to talk about goal setting. What it is and isn’t, what it should and shouldn’t look like, and how to create goals that matter. Join Britt and today’s guest, Megan Kormendy, as the two detail setting goals, celebrating wins, how to move forward when you don’t quite achieve a goal, and how to make your goals sustainable for YOU. As we move into the New Year, let’s celebrate change and growth in ourselves, and the goals that will help us get there.

Monday Dec 19, 2022

Today, we’re talking all things entrepreneurial. From her humble beginnings as a 7 year-old bookmark maker, Maya Saggar has now become the owner of Impact Learning, a first of its kind Educational Services Agency. She takes Britt through her personal entrepreneurial journey and gives some insight into the Do's and Dont's of starting a business. The two share the joys, setbacks, and challenges you'll face as an entrepreneur, as well as how to help keep yourself sane during the process. Let's talk business!

Monday Dec 12, 2022

Today, we talk all things friendship! With our sometimes host, Maya, and Brittany's longtime friend, co-worker (and also sometimes host!) Erin, the three chat how to work through relationship growing pains, long distance, communication, and how friendships evolve over time. Join us as we dive into the importance of sustaining the platonic relationships in our lives, and how deeply they can affect us. 

Monday Dec 05, 2022

Join us today as we dig deep into the ins and outs of therapy and the mental health system. Our guest is registered psychotherapist Ann Rogerson, and together with Brittany she dives into what therapy is, how to search for a therapist, the importance of therapeutic fit, therapy red flags, how to afford it, and so much more. We know that therapy can seem daunting, so let’s break down those barriers and learn all about it together, whether you’re interested in it for yourself, someone else, or just want to know more! 

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